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Student aceing his examination


As a centre focused heavily on value-adding to students, over 80 % of the students that approach us for guidance come to us with U/S grades.


Through our mentorship, our JC students have collectively achieved a 70+% distinction rate, 95+% A/B rate and our Upper Secondary students achieved a 90% distinction rate at their final year-end examinations 

Our team comprises of highly-experienced full-time teachers with a proven track record, ex-MOE scholars and former Head of Departments.



Our teaching pedagogy juxtaposes highly traditional and modern teaching techniques to create a highly-dynamic class environment prime for the development of our students.


We are firm believers in active, discussion-based learning. This facilitates the sharing of thoughts and ideas, which improves the critical thinking faculty of our students.

We utilize unique methods to help students understand content, memory techniques to store content, and advocate a systematic and structured approach towards the application of content. (Learn-Understand-Apply Approach)

Most importantly, we make learning FUN and EXCITING. We guarantee that every student will enjoy our lessons and look forward to coming for classes!


At Zenith, educators go the EXTRA MILE in mentoring our students.

This includes, but is not limited to:

1) Devoted study space available for studying outside of class hours

2) Meticulously curated notes and "cheat-sheets"

3) Free consultation for exam and assignment review

4) 24/7 WhatsApp, Telegram and Zoom online support

5) Termly excursions to de-stress

6) Extensive reward system to motivate students

Stylized volunteer team giving care and


On top of the support given to students to help them excel in their academics, teachers at Zenith believes that mentorship should go beyond just the books. We also assist students in:

1) Career counselling: We advise and connect students with our ex-students and industry professionals to help them better understand their career options. We also organize Career Days where we welcome industry professionals to give talks to students about their specific fields.

2) University application: We advise students on the different courses offered by different universities locally and internationally and guide them meticulously throughout their selection process.

3) Scholarship/interview consult: We advise and connect students to scholarship recipients and students studying at prestigious courses and universities (EG: NUS Law, NUS Medicine, Ivy League and Golden Triangle Universities) to assist them on the tedious application process.


Despite our relatively young faculty, all of our teachers possess a great wealth of experience, with every teacher possessing a minimum of 4 years of experience! Our teachers have extensive knowledge in:

1. How to avoid common mistakes students make during exams

2. Unique and interesting methods to simplify difficult concepts

3. The best studying techniques to prepare for exams

4. Tested and proven strategies to excel in exams 

Our teachers understand what it's like to be a student in this day and age. They can relate and empathize with the struggles students face and will devote their utmost time and attention to ensure that our students thrive and excel.



Zenith sets a maximum capacity of students for each program each year. The undivided attention given to meet our students' needs is critical in ensuring that they succeed. Hence, once the pre-determined number of slots are filled up for the year, Zenith will not accept any more students for that specific subject. 

Fret not! If you are unable to sign up for our weekly lessons, Zenith holds content and skills crash courses during the school holidays which allows you to immediately improve your understanding of key concepts and learn the integral skills that will help you apply in a systemic way when answering questions.

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