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JC biology requires students to understand how life works at a deeper molecular level compared to the physiological level covered in O-Level biology. 

The H2 syllabus for biology is highly demanding, centering around core ideas like The Cell and Biomolecules of Life, Genetics and Inheritance, Energy and Equilibrium, and Biological Evolution. Extension topics like Infectious Diseases and Impact of Climate Change on Animals and Plants are also essential in the syllabus. These areas of study are examinable via a multiple choice question paper, two structured-question papers, and a practical component at the end of a student’s two years in junior college. 

When it comes to mastering the subject, the grasping of concepts and their effective application is crucial to us at Zenith. We believe in making abstract ideas more comprehensible to enhance the rate at which students master key concepts. We also focus on honing students’ answering techniques by improving their analysis and understanding of the questions. 

With a deep understanding of common pitfalls faced by students and an incomparable support system, we are confident in aiding our students to excel in the subject.

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