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JC economics is a highly rigorous subject that requires great devotion and consistency in order for a student to excel. 


The H2 syllabus for economics is split up into two areas of study: microeconomics and macroeconomics. These two areas of study will be tested through two case studies and three essays at the GCE A-Level examination at the end of the student's two years in junior college. 

At Zenith, we believe that the best approach to excelling at economics is through first focusing on understanding the key concepts of the syllabus, followed by mastering the application of the content when answering questions. We focus heavily on teaching students “why” concepts are important, “when” in the exam must they use the content, and “how” do they use the content through a methodical step-by-step approach of writing.


Through our effective tried, tested and proven teaching methods, unparalleled support system, and strong understanding of the struggles students face, tutors at zenith are confident that we will help our students succeed and reach their peak potential.

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