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With a large majority of JC students taking H2 Mathematics, it is not surprising that JC mathematics is arguably the most competitive subject out there.

The H2 syllabus for Mathematics can be split up into two areas of study: Pure Mathematics, and Probability and Statistics. These two areas of study will be tested through two 3 Hour papers at the GCE A-Level examination at the end of the student's two years in junior college. 


Students often feel like they have been hurled into the deep end of the pool when it comes to JC mathematics. Many find it hard to grasp new concepts during lectures, and many more find themselves endlessly evaluating a variable only to arrive at the wrong answer. All that can deflate a student’s confidence and interest in the subject.

At Zenith, we will not just dish out troves of questions hoping similar ones come out during our students' examination. We focus heavily on illuminating concepts with selective examples and teaching the students how to pick the most direct and effortless methodology for each question.

With our strong support system and effective teaching pedagogy, we are confident in helping students clinch their desired results ultimately.

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