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The requirements of JC Physics are a huge upgrade, both in terms of content and technique, from secondary school Physics.


The H2 syllabus for Physics is extremely broad in nature and includes major topics such as Newtonian Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Modern Physics, Oscillations and Waves,  and Electricity and Magnetism. These areas of study will be tested through two structured question papers and one multiple choice question paper at the GCE A-Level examination at the end of the student's two years in junior college, as well as a practical exam during the schooling year.


When it comes to excelling in Physics, understanding the concepts is key. That is why we lead with the explanation of key concepts and draw links between them before plunging into practice questions to hone your understanding of these concepts.

Our questions are distilled from years of resources, handpicked to best help you comprehend the concepts while gearing you towards examinations. You can count on our experienced tutors to explain these key concepts lucidly. With our strong support system and effective teaching pedagogy, we are confident in helping you ultimately clinch your desired result.

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