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7 Reasons Why You Need A Level Economics Tuition

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

A Level Economics is easily one of the subjects that most students have to study at the A Levels, be it at the H1 or H2 level. Students in the Arts Stream typically take it as one of their core subjects, while students in the Science or Hybrid Streams opt for it as their contrasting subject. Nonetheless, most students have not heard of Economics prior to entering junior college. Without a foundation to fall back on, you might need much more help than you initially expect! In this article, you’ll find out exactly why you need A Level Economics tuition and how it can help you to realise your fullest potential during your examinations.

Reason #1: A Level Economics tuition programmes help to reinforce important concepts which are bound to be tested in your examinations.

As with every subject that requires you to master multiple concepts, some concepts might turn out to be more important than others during examinations. The A Level Economics syllabus is no different. Looking at Fig 1., it is undoubted that with so many topics tested, the A Level Economics exam for both H1 and H2 students is bound to place greater emphasis on some concepts rather than others. On that note, you can find out about the differences between the H1 and H2 A Level Economics here. Nonetheless, differences aside, tuition programmes for A Level Economics help students to strengthen their understanding of important concepts. As the top Econs tuition center in Singapore, Zenith’s tutors have a wealth of experience, through which they are able to effectively identify, simplify and assist students in grasping and memorising key concepts for the A Level Economics examinations. This is extremely important as a strong foundation is key to achieving an ‘A’ grade at the A Level Economics examinations. Instead of viewing Economics tuition as a replacement for listening in school, it complements your learning to better equip you for the A Level Economics examinations.

Fig 1. Overview of the A Level Economics Syllabus provided by SEAB

Reason #2: With a smaller class group, you receive more undivided attention and feedback on your answering techniques for the A Level Economics examinations.

Most junior colleges cover key Economic concepts during mass lectures. These lectures consist of over 200 hundred students jam-packed in a cold lecture theatre, feeling extremely tired (either because it’s too early in the morning, or because it’s the last period before recess or dismissal, or simply because it’s JC… and nobody feels awake in JC…). There’s a high chance that you are going to be distracted at some point, or miss something important because you have to go to the toilet, or because you were still trying to grapple with the previous concept that your teacher just covered.

This is where A Level Economics tuition plays a crucial role in how well you will perform during your examinations. Zenith takes in a fixed number of students each semester––once all our vacancies for the semester are filled, we no longer enroll students into our programmes. This ensures that we have a lower student-to-teacher ratio, which enables us to pay more attention to the unique needs of each member in the class. Believing strongly in interactive learning, our educators often pose questions to students in class and encourage them to speak up, which is a good way to practice one’s answering skills. A smaller class size means that we are also able to provide students with on-the-spot feedback which other members of the class can learn from simultaneously. A smaller class size is cozier, encourages peer support, and provides a safe space for learning where even students who are more introverted and skeptical about speaking up in class get a chance to do so. With a small class size and unique teaching pedagogy, our tutors are also able to cater to the learning styles and paces of different students. Zenith’s tutors are highly passionate and dedicated about their work; we go the extra mile by providing one-to-one consultations when exam periods are near, further ensuring that you will get the assistance you need.

Reason #3: A Level Economics tuition programmes enable students to learn at their own pace in a conducive environment where there is more time dedicated to each theme in the syllabus.

The A Level Economics syllabus consists of 3 major themes, with almost 20 subtopics, as shown earlier in Fig 1.

Considering that most junior colleges strive to complete teaching the entire syllabus by June of your A Level year, before your second assessment at the start of Term 3, this effectively means that there are only 5 terms for you to learn and master the entire syllabus in a school setting. This is because Term 4 of your first year in junior college is often reserved for promotional exams and preparation for H1 Project Work. Since each term consisted of around 3 months (if we’re giving a generous estimate, including weekends and holidays!), you only have 15 months to master a completely new subject from scratch.

A Level Economics is not just a matter of understanding concepts. You will find that you have to learn how to draw numerous diagrams, apply concepts to a variety of real-world situations and even learn how to identify when a particular concept is applicable to a question. After all, as Fig 2. shows, the A Level Economics syllabus aims to equip students with a set of critical thinking skills for considering global situations in a rational manner using Economic concepts.

Fig 2. Aims of the A Level Economics syllabus, as provided by SEAB

To perform well at the A Level Economics examination, you need to invest much more time, effort, and resources than what you might have initially bargained for! As we’ve already demonstrated, the time you spend in school trying to learn Economics may not be enough for full mastery over it. Furthermore, because A Level Economics is such a new topic to most students, many are unsure how to go about approaching the subject on their own. This is where A Level Economics tuition becomes especially helpful.

With higher frequency and regularity, continuing through the holidays in moderation, Zenith’s A Level Economics tuition for both H1 and H2 students enables students to pace themselves better. Lessons during the holidays are also carefully structured to ensure that students get to revise what they have learnt in the past year, while also getting a headstart for the syllabus in the coming year. As mentioned, students can also arrange one-to-one consultations with their respective teachers for clarification after class. To make sure that Zenith’s teaching scheme is in tandem with different junior colleges’ approaches, we also offer classes for students from specific junior colleges and cover the themes in the order the school does. This also helps students to prepare for and ace in-school examinations, which are equally important as students may opt to apply for early admissions to universities before the A Level results are released.

Reason #4: You get access to extra (and exclusive) learning materials.

Both the A Level Economics CSQ component (applicable for both H1 and H2 students) and Essay component (applicable only to H2 students) require you to support your arguments with relevant real-world examples. Knowing what is going on in the financial world at large will be very helpful for you to contextualise the questions that are asked. With this edge against your peers, the examiner will know that you have taken the extra mile to develop your understanding of Economics. A Level Economics tuition centers are always on the lookout for key events in the financial world. Having spent years consolidating important Economic news, Zenith is fully equipped to provide our students with concise “cheat sheets” featuring relevant examples that they can cite during their examinations. These easy-to-digest "cheat-sheets" make learning Economics more manageable; it can also help you to familiarise yourself with the application of key concepts with greater ease. Many students eventually go on to pursue university degrees in Business, Economics, and/or Finance, where their knowledge from the A Level Economics syllabus comes in handy! Building a strong foundation with Zenith’s specially curated A Level Economics tuition programme is therefore likely to be very useful for you in the future! Even if you do not end up pursuing the aforementioned degrees, you will still have to progressively learn how to manage your personal finances and this is where your understanding of Economics will be extremely helpful.

Reason #5: You become less distracted, gain more motivation and develop a passion for the subject in a learning environment where everyone is focused on improving their grades for the A Level Economics examination.

As Gordon Lightfoot, a Canadian singer-songwriter, once said, “You just get the vibes of your surroundings and it rubs off you.” Indeed, the environment you immerse yourself in affects you. Many of you probably feel that you are more productive when you study in a library, or alongside your peers because you feel motivated by the hard work they are putting in and want to do the same for yourself. This statement is definitely applicable to tuition centers as well! At the junior college level, students who opt to enroll for tuition lessons, dedicating what little time they have to attend classes, are more often than not, students who are driven, have a genuine desire to do well, and are willing to invest the time and effort into doing so. Learning alongside peers who have similar backgrounds can help to foster a positive study environment; it will put your mind in the right zone for absorbing information while encouraging you to push your boundaries too. Say bye to drifting off in classes and bring your A-game with Zenith today! Our lessons are designed to be engaging (think memes, jokes, and fun!), helmed by young educators that students can connect to more easily. With a contemporary pedagogical approach, tutors at Zenith often infuse sessions with both local and international issues, making lessons much more interesting and enjoyable.

Reason #6: Zenith’s A Level Economics tuition programme is helmed by dedicated tutors with proven track records and a wealth of experience.

Zenith has a proven track record and boasts an A rate of nearly 2x the national average. Find out more about what our students have said about the Zenith programme. Our team of experienced tutors trawls through numerous past year exam papers to identify trends in the questions set each year. To add on, Zenith’s educators have had a pretty successful run in accurately predicting the themes that will be heavily tested on during the A Level Economics examinations. As such, tutors normally allot more time in preparing students for these topics prior to the examinations. Trust us, you will not feel taken aback on the day of the examinations as you will already have a solid idea of the possible concepts that you might get tested on. Of course, you also get advice on the best tips and tricks for mastering the A Level Economics syllabus to excel during your examinations.

Reason #7: You get unparalleled support that is on a 24/7 basis, enabling you to clarify any concerns you might have immediately, instead of letting them pile up.

Letting your doubts pile up is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to the A Level Economics examinations. Since the concepts are all built on each other, your misconception of one particular theory can affect your understanding of subsequent key concepts. At Zenith, we believe in helping our students to overcome their doubts as soon as possible. This means that our students can drop us a text message at any time and our tutors will aim to get back to you as soon as possible! Students who prefer to clarify their doubts face-to-face can also arrange for one-to-one or group consultations with our tutors and simply drop by our centers at the arranged time. Since all our locations in Singapore also have dedicated study areas with snack bars, students can feel free to stay at our centers after their consultations to study and do their revision.

To sum up, here are the seven reasons why you need A Level Economics tuition:

  • Zenith’s meticulously curated tuition programme reinforces important concepts

  • You receive more undivided attention and detailed feedback on your performance

  • You get to learn at your own pace in a conducive environment

  • You get access to extra (and exclusive) learning materials

  • You get motivated and develop a passion for Economics with a supportive community around you

  • Zenith is helmed by a team of dedicated and experienced educators with a proven track record

  • You get unparalleled support that is available 24/7––just drop our tutors a message!

It is true that many people approach A Level Economics with great fear and skepticism. After all, A Level Economics is nothing like O Level Social Studies, History, or Geography. A Level Economics is an entirely new ball game for everyone, and it is normal that you feel some sort of nerves or confusion in the first few weeks of encountering the first theme, Scarcity as the Central Economic Problem. This is where A Level Economics tuition plays an important role in helping you feel more comfortable with what can feel like a really foreign subject! By breaking down complex topics, providing you with one-to-one consultations, and fostering a non-judgemental learning environment where you are able to clarify any doubts you might have freely, Zenith’s A Level Economics tuition programme will definitely boost your confidence in the subject.

Zenith believes in the mantra “for young people, by young people”. This is why our tutors, on top of having a wealth of experience, are all passionate, young, and fun individuals who believe in making lessons genuinely engaging and relatable for the Zenith family! But we’re not just the fun tuition center; we’ve yielded huge improvements in grades too––Zenith boasts an A rate almost 2x the national average, with our JC students collectively achieving a 70+% distinction rate and 95+% A/B rate. Hear it from our ever-growing community of students in Fig 3., who share how Zenith’s innovative teaching methods (and awesome welfare! See Fig 4.) have helped them to reach their fullest potential.

Fig 3. Zenith’s testimonials for our A Level Economics Tuition Programme

Fig 4. Zenith’s Sept/Oct Welfare Report––See more on our Instagram @learnatzenith today!

You can check out Zenith’s A Level Economics tuition programme here! Or contact us for a free trial here, we look forward to seeing you in class soon!

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