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How to boost your grade in JC H1 Math

For the vast majority of JC students in Singapore, A Level Mathematics is a subject that you will most probably undertake. Students that take H1 Math may come from all sorts of backgrounds in Mathematics. Some may have previously taken Amath while some may find the concepts of Differentiation or Integration entirely new. However, something common that many H1 Math students face is the struggle to obtain an A grade. Despite H1 Math seeming deceptively easy on the surface-level, it is not uncommon to find yourself being stuck in the B-C grade range, not knowing what to do to help boost your grade to a distinction. Worry not, here are some tips compiled by the top JC Math tuition center in Singapore to help solve this issue.

Work on your basics and ensure you have a strong foundation

As previously mentioned, we recognize that students have varying starting points. Students who have not taken secondary school Amath may feel disadvantaged since many concepts that are taught in the JC H1 Math syllabus were covered in the secondary school Amath syllabus. However, take this as an opportunity for a fresh start and start from the basics! Having a strong foundation in Math is integral in setting your foot on the right path as the concepts build on each other. It might seem demoralizing or daunting at first but continuously work on getting your basics down and seek help when needed. To solidify your fundamentals, expand beyond your lecture notes and tap into the various resources available to you online. One such platform would be “Khan Academy'' which provides a brief summary of various topics while explaining the different concepts to be tackled within that topic. Understanding the concepts itself would not be sufficient - do remember to put in the time to bring to life these concepts by applying them through practicing different questions at varying difficulties.

Clarify your doubts and don’t let them pile up

Seeking help could be in the form of approaching your teachers or peers, or even enrolling yourself in the Math tuition program at Zenith where you will be able to receive more personalized help. Whatever it is, make sure to clarify your doubts and solidify your foundation. As previously mentioned, H1 Math is a JC subject where concepts are frequently used interchangeably across the different topics, so having any doubts about a certain concept might implicate your understanding of the next. Make sure that you flag down your questions and clarify them before moving on to the next topic. Try to take the time to understand where you went wrong so that you won’t make the same mistake again. A clear understanding of each concept is the key to seamlessly combatting any question thrown at during the A Level examination.


This tip might seem self-explanatory but it is a necessary reminder. The key to scoring and doing well is consistent practice. Take JC A Level Math as a marathon, not a sprint! You need to work hard throughout your JC years and not leave everything to the few months leading up to your A Level exams. Especially since you are taking this at a H1 level, the months before your national exams commencing would usually be more hyper-focused on your H2 subjects. Don’t burden yourself in the future with having to grapple with completely new topics like Statistics at the last minute. Dedicate 3-4 hours per week completing your tutorials and your 10-year series while constantly reviewing your past mistakes. A-level examiners enjoy testing similar questions year after year, so make a note of these crucial topics and ensure that you secure full marks for them. An important study hack that Ali Abdaal, a famous Youtuber and podcaster well known for his productivity tips, introduces to his viewers is the use of the Pomodoro technique. This method breaks down your study sessions into short 30 minute periods - with 25 minutes being dedicated to focused active work and then 5 minutes just to rest. Then, the cycle repeats again after your rest period is over. Try out this technique if you haven’t! It may prove to be a new method to help maintain your concentration and focus.

Check your work

A big mistake that many Singapore students make at their H1 Math A Level examination would be not factoring in enough time to check their work upon completing the paper. Although you may have a crystal-clear understanding of various Math concepts, we are only human! Hence, we could be guilty of making careless mistakes too. Being put in a tense and stressful environment might also increase the likelihood of making such mistakes so make sure to check your work upon completion. These marks awarded to you for the accuracy of your final answer might just be what makes or breaks your grade. While you’re at it, make sure to pay attention to the details of the question as well. Remember to include any units or specific question requirements. For example, they might want the final answer to be in 3 decimal points or in specific units like grams instead of kilograms, so be sure to double check on these details!

Manage your time well and be strategic when completing your Math paper

While we are on the topic of time, the ability to manage your time well in the examination is key. For example, adopting the habit of knowing when to move on when you’re stuck. If you find yourself facing difficulties in completing a question, circle it and move on. Spend your time securing the marks for the questions that you are confident of so that you can guarantee yourself the most number of marks! Reattempt the questions that you have flagged after you’re done with the questions you’re confident of. Time management is key to scoring a distinction in H1 A Level Math, so make sure not to forfeit any marks unnecessarily!

With these pointers in mind, persistently work towards boosting your H1 Math grade. JC Math is all about consistency and grit, so don’t give up even if you have obtained a less than desirable grade in your school exams. Instead, take it as an opportunity for you to learn and improve from your mistakes. At the end of the day, H1 Math is not vague and it has definite answers! All you have to do is to try and derive this answer methodologically. With sufficient practice, you can simply rehash similar methods in your H1 Math exam as you think back upon the (hopefully) countless practice you’ve had over similar questions. Grasping and mastering concepts will require a lot of time, practice and patience but it is worth it! With that in mind, all the best in your journey towards boosting your grade to a distinction at the A Level H1 Maths examination!

We hope you’ve found these A-level H1 Math tips useful. Click here to be part of Zenith’s JC Math tuition program today!

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