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7 Reasons Why You Need A Level Maths Tuition

While all students, be it whether they are studying A Level Maths at the H1 or H2 level, have definitely sat for the O Level Maths examinations, many find that the A Level Maths syllabus presents a huge challenge in terms of its demands. For one, many concepts are much more abstract and include the integration of multiple topics. Students quickly come to realise that Differentiation and Integration also include Trigonometrical concepts, while topics such as Vectors are complicated by the introduction of a third three-dimensional plane k. Even learning how to use the Graphing Calculator (GC) can pose a challenge, with the myriad of functions to familiarise oneself with! These are all part of the reasons why students might find themselves needing more guidance when studying for the A Level Maths examinations. In this article, Zenith, Singapore’s top A Level Maths tuition center, tells you why exactly you need A Level Maths tuition and how it can benefit you.

Reason #1: The A Level Maths syllabus requires candidates to be familiar with complicated concepts that require constant reinforcement during the early stages of learning.

Topics such as Binomial Theorem, Differentiation, Integration, and their applications are complicated significantly at the A Levels, where students are required to solve Mathematical proofs, plot graphs showing the various derivatives, and even present their answers in simplified forms without their calculators. The sheer number of new elements to grapple with in the syllabus can prove to be overwhelming for some students. It probably does not help that you are venturing into A Level Maths at the same time you are getting acquainted with even newer subjects such as A Level Economics. Instead of spending long periods of time mulling over concepts that you might still struggle with after seemingly endless hours of self-study, attending an effective A Level Maths tuition programme can help you to save loads of time and figure out important (yet annoyingly complex) concepts with greater ease. As with learning anything new, the first steps are always the most difficult. Zenith’s experienced tutors help you through this by providing students with “cheat sheets” which consolidate important formulas and their applications. Our tutors also take the extra effort to constantly remind students of important concepts to increase their familiarity with the various theories. Thereafter, question examples are explained in a clear, step-by-step manner during class time, before students are given extra practice questions to attempt. Students are also free to clarify any doubts they might have on the spot.

Reason #2: You get to learn and perfect your application of exclusive tips and tricks for solving frequently tested questions at the A Level Math examinations.

It is no surprise that when it comes to Maths, many speak of finding a “shortcut” that can help them to derive the correct answer in fewer steps. The truth is that there are often shorter methods for tackling certain questions. However, students themselves might not tend instinctively towards these methods, as they might be harder to derive in comparison to longer methods which require the systematic working out of every single step. It is of course impossible to use a shorter method, even when you know it exists if you are not even able to find out what it is! At Zenith, Singapore’s top Maths tuition center, instead of leaving students to struggle when attempting more complex questions, our dedicated tutors explain using clear and logical examples how shorter methods can be derived from key Mathematical concepts and applied to multiple questions belonging to the same topic. Students are not encouraged to simply memorise how certain methods work––this can easily go awry during an examination if slight modifications to a common question are made or if a student forgets what they have remembered through rote memorisation. Instead, they get to thoroughly understand exactly how the shorter method functions by utilising the same theorems in a more concise manner. Find out more about some tips and tricks for H2 A Level Pure Mathematics questions here. If you’re struggling with Probability and Statistics, look here.

Fig 1. Zenith’s testimonials from students who have benefitted from our Math lessons

Reason #3: Zenith caps the number of students per class such that every student gets more undivided attention.

Research has shown that learning in smaller class sizes of no more than 20 promotes better student engagement, enables more efficient usage of time, and encourages productive interactions, both between classmates and with the tutor. A smaller class size makes it much easier for our tutors to give each and every student feedback on their specific areas for improvement. At Zenith, we believe in providing our students with the best of both worlds—while reaping the benefits of group learning, our tutors ensure that no one is left behind in class. By frequently inviting students to offer their answers and workings for questions, our tutors foster a safe environment where each student is able to get individual feedback on how they approach particular topics. Students are also encouraged to learn from one another’s strengths and help each other out during the learning process; some students might prove to be more adept at Integration while others might fare better at Statistics. Constantly sharing their knowledge with each other in a conducive environment facilitated by our experienced tutors, students are able to check their own understanding of concepts as well. After all, research has shown that the highest levels of understanding are attained when an individual is able to explain their knowledge with clarity to another party.

Reason #4: You get more practice and dedicated feedback.

Maths is a skill-based subject, and the questions which appear at the A Level Maths examinations follow particular trends and patterns which can be identified, mastered, and prepared for. This is exactly why the practice that you commit yourself to has a direct impact on how well you will perform at the A Level Maths examinations. The more well-acquainted you are with questions that tend to appear in the A Level Maths examinations, the faster and better you will be able to solve them. As such, Zenith compiles the types of questions that tend to appear for each topic in the A Level Math examinations, and ensures that our students are well-equipped to solve them. To further help you get the most out of the practice papers that you complete in preparation for your examinations, Zenith’s team of dedicated educators makes sure to provide all our students with individual feedback on the work that they do. Every student is different after all, and some might find themselves needing to invest more time in Sequences and Series whereas others might find the chapter on Maclaurin Series much more baffling. Zenith tutors will always go the extra mile to cater to the unique learning needs of every student. Just see what our students have to say about us here.

Reason #5: Zenith’s A Level Maths tuition programme is meticulously curated by a team of dedicated tutors who, while young and energetic, also have proven track records.

Zenith’s tutors strive to inculcate in our students a greater passion and interest in A Level Maths, encouraging them to put in their due effort with confidence that it will pay off eventually. Students in the Zenith family often realise after some time with us that they are indeed capable of grasping important (and difficult) concepts to perform excellently during assessments! We are able to help our students achieve such huge leaps of improvement because our tutors spend hours behind-the-scenes planning their lessons, ensuring that they are both engaging and informative. Don’t be too surprised if you walk past a Zenith classroom and hear heaps of laughter! Our tutors are great at telling jokes, and the good news is, you can improve your grades while having lots of fun. This is because of our efficient and easy-to-understand explanations, which break down complicated and abstract concepts into something more tangible. For instance, when approaching topics such as Vectors, where some students have trouble understanding the concept of 3D space, our tutors put in extra effort such that our students are able to visualise how the planes interact with one another. This has resulted in our students achieving a stellar A-rate of nearly 2x the national average.

Reason #6: Zenith adopts tried and tested teaching pedagogies which emphasise interactive learning and constant real-world application of thinking skills that you acquire when preparing for the A Level Maths examinations.

Zenith, from our founding, has always trusted that the A Level Maths syllabus holds relevance to every student’s daily life. After all, many students go on to pursue degrees in Finance, Accounting, and Economics, where strong foundations in Differentiation, Integration, and Statistics are highly important. Even if you’re thinking “Nah, I’m never going to work with numbers ever again”, the fact is that you’ll need some understanding of numbers even in industries such as Marketing and Sales, where data analysis is becoming an increasingly popular method to drive business decision-making. This is why Zenith dedicates ourselves to constantly improving on our syllabus and teaching methods to provide our students with the best learning experience. Through hours of research and years of accumulated experience, we have found that students who enjoy the learning experience, who interact with their classmates, and who constantly apply what they have learnt are those who do well. This is precisely why we have small class sizes, encourage our students to form study groups beyond class, and keep putting what they have learnt to the test.

On that note, you might want to check out some of the study hacks that Zenith has for you here! While seemingly simple, these are tips developed based on proven research and can help you to realise your fullest potential at the A Level examinations.

Reason #7: Zenith provides all our students with unparalleled support that is on a 24/7 basis, enabling you to seek feedback for immediate improvement at any and all times.

Perhaps, for Maths more than any other subject, the phrase “practice makes perfect” rings very true. There’s just no way that you’re going to be able to solve a question at top speed if you’ve never even practiced doing it before your examinations! However, there’s also no way that you’re going to be able to solve a question right if you’ve never checked if you are indeed doing it right. Many students might forget the other half of the equation to success that comes after practicing––getting their work checked and clearing any misconceptions that they might have so they do not make the same mistakes again.

While Anne Frank, who was a young Jewish girl during World War 2, made this statement in a far more dire situation when she was hiding from the German Nazis, it nonetheless rings true for the A Level Maths examinations, “What is done cannot be undone, but at least one can keep it from happening again.” We know just how frustrating and demoralising this process of confronting and learning from your mistakes can be. For this very reason, at Zenith, our students can drop our tutors a text message at any time to clarify their doubts. Our tutors will aim to get back to you as soon as possible, instead of waiting till the next lesson to clarify your doubts. Students who prefer face-to-face consults can also opt to arrange one-to-one or group consultations with their dedicated tutors. Simply drop by at our centers at the arranged time and get your questions answered! Since all our locations in Singapore also have dedicated study areas with well-stocked snack bars, students can feel free to stay at our centers after their consultations to study and do their revisions.

To sum up, here are the seven reasons why you need A Level Maths Tuition:

  • You need constant reinforcement of concepts in your early stages of learning

  • You learn tips and tricks for solving complicated questions

  • You get more undivided attention while reaping the benefits of group learning

  • You get more opportunities for practice that you receive dedicated feedback for

  • Zenith is helmed by a team of young and fun tutors with a wealth of experience

  • Zenith adopts proven teaching pedagogies which empower you to learn effectively

  • Zenith provides all our students with unparalleled support on a 24/7 basis

Zenith’s tutors, in addition to having a wealth of experience, are all passionate, young, and fun individuals who believe in making lessons genuinely engaging and relatable for the Zenith family! You will be happy to know that A Level Maths can be interesting and applicable to your daily life, and that you can enjoy learning it while yielding huge improvements in grades––Zenith boasts an A rate almost 2x the national average, with our JC students collectively achieving a 70+% distinction rate and 95+% A/B rate. Hear it from our ever-growing community of students in Fig 2., who share how Zenith’s innovative teaching methods (and awesome welfare! See Fig 3.) have helped them to reach their fullest potential.

Fig 2. Zenith’s testimonials from students who have benefitted from our lessons

Fig 3. Zenith’s Sept/Oct Welfare Report––See more on our Instagram @learnatzenith today!

Keen to join the Zenith family? We are definitely more than happy to have you (and your friends) be part of our warm and friendly community of students who work hard and play hard! Find out more about our well-curated A Level Maths tuition programme here, and sign up for a free trial lesson today, no strings attached. We look forward to seeing you in class soon!

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